Repel Woodpeckers: Use Woodpecker Netting!

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Woodpecker NettingWoodpecker Netting is a surefire way to repel woodpeckers! This net will completely cut off the bird’s access to the area they’re trying to peck.

Use this net only when other woodpecker deterrents have failed.


    • Pros – Provides a physical barrier, won’t harm woodpeckers, and protects a large area.
    • Cons – Installation can take some time and it isn’t the prettiest solution, especially when used in the front of your house.
    • Guarantee – Can’t find anything indicating there is a warranty outside of the normal Amazon Prime 30-Day warranty.


Another barrier method similar to the woodpecker spikes is woodpecker netting. I find this especially useful for gardens where netting can be wrapped around stakes to prevent the birds from attacking your plants.

These woodpecker nets are especially effective at protecting fruit trees.

However, bird netting can also be very effective to protect your house if you can manage to get the netting about a foot away from the affected area. This creates a barrier that the bird is unable to penetrate. If possible, install hooks from soffits and then run stretches of this netting down toward the ground. Link the lengths of netting together using zip ties or twist ties.

Although this is a very effective method, I would only recommend it if all efforts to use visual or electronic woodpecker repellents has failed. This is definitely not the easiest way to get rid of woodpeckers.

If however you must resort to woodpecker netting, you can guarantee that it will repel woodpeckers!

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  1. Rickie W Cole

    I have a woodpecker that is causing me to lose my mind. It starts early in the morning and is very loud. I want to get rid of it but don’t know what to do. I have purchased the Bird B Gone Sonic System, but I can’t turn it up high because of my neighbors. I also purchased the hawk decoy. I am just wasting money. Do you think I should try the netting as my next solution.


    1. The Woodpecker Remover (Post author)

      Before you try anything else, I would highly advise trying bird repellent discs to get rid of them.

      Woodpeckers are frightened by shiny materials and these discs seem to fit the bill quite well!

      I’ve had tremendous success with getting rid of woodpeckers by using this product.

      Best of luck!

  2. Daniel Lara

    Hi, Woodpecker Remover! This is great information. Even though it is not so usual in Brazil to have woodpeckers, we have a similar infestation bird which is called Tico-Tico. Since most of our homes are built on cement foundations there is little wood area to be “pecked”, but Tico-Ticos build their nests inside rooftops and usually do a big mess and a lot of noise. I wonder if the net can work for this!

    1. The Woodpecker Remover (Post author)

      Wow, that is quite interesting! This netting will prevent any type of birds from accessing the areas they love to frequent! Put this net up and I guarantee they will be gone for good. I hope this helps!


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