Bird Repellent Balloons: Deterring Woodpeckers Has Never Been So Scary!

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Bird Repellent Balloons are extremely effective at deterring woodpeckers!

These balloons will serve as a human repellent just as much as a woodpecker repellent! With that being said, they are a pretty effective means to get rid of a woodpecker.

  • Pros – Scary looking, inexpensive, utilizes reflective materials, and easy to set up.
  • Cons – Ugly as sin and they will blow away in wind if not properly secured.
  • Guarantee – Can’t find any guarantee information on the Amazon site outside of the normal Amazon Prime 30 day return policy.

The combination of the bright colored balloons, reflective eyes, and reflective flash tape all serve to deter woodpeckers. We are yet again using items with reflective properties to frighten these birds.

These predator eye balloons send a signal to woodpeckers that they are being preyed upon. The woodpeckers fear for their lives and head for the hills!

Just pump the balloon full of air, attach the reflective ribbon, and hang it where the birds are giving you trouble!

These are very versatile woodpecker deterrents. I’ve seen them used on everything from gardens, to trees, to boats.

This particular item comes in a 3-pack. With 3 balloons, you should be able to cover a decent amount of space.

Although very effective, I’m not a huge fan of the way these semi-cyclops balloons look.

But at the end of the day. Bird Repellent Balloons provide a viable solution for deterring woodpeckers!

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6 thoughts on “Bird Repellent Balloons: Deterring Woodpeckers Has Never Been So Scary!”

  1. Please tell me how to order.

    • Please see the updated link above. I apologize for the previously outdated link.

  2. Want to order balloons.please send info how to do that.

    Cynthia Mann

  3. Wow!
    Bird Repellent Balloons?!?
    Really? Man, what else will they come up with?
    Your article surprised me. Very informative.
    I had no idea those things existed. I don’t want to seem sarcastic. If I did, please forgive me.
    I really was surprised and got curious about bird repellent balloons. Actually it’s a very neat idea.
    Great article.

    • Ya, I know they look funny but they are actually quite effective, especially for boat owners!

      Thanks for the kind words!


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