Bird Repellent Discs: The Best Woodpecker Deterrent!

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In my opinion, Bird Repellent Discs are the best woodpecker deterrent on the market today.

Not only will they get rid of woodpeckers, but they do a great job at scaring other nuisance birds away!

  • Pros – High quality, weatherproof, and durable. These discs should ward off woodpeckers for a very long time.
  • Cons – Can turn your house into a disco ball if you hang too many of them. Otherwise, I can’t come up with any legitimate cons for this product.
  • Guarantee – Per Amazon, they offer a lifetime guarantee and will give you your money back without question if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

If there’s one thing that woodpeckers hate, it’s a moving, shiny object. Notice that both conditions must be satisfied to be effective.

A non-reflective moving object may temporarily repel woodpeckers but these are smart birds we are dealing with. Sooner or later they will realize that the object is not a threat.

Additionally, a stationary, shiny object by itself will seldom repel woodpeckers. In fact, these birds have been known to drum on metal flashing and chimneys causing a whole heap of noise!

These bird repellent discs are by far my favorite woodpecker repellent. It consists of a mounting hook which attaches to a swivel, which then attaches to the rings that hold the discs. These discs can be linked together as many times as you please.

I have tried the homemade versions of these with items such as and hanging pie tins and CDs, but they fall significantly short of what this product is capable of accomplishing.

The swivel mechanism allows for continuous movement of the reflective discs which the woodpeckers are petrified of. Believe it or not, they are also very effective in deterring woodpeckers at night with little ambient light and/or moonlight.

I know of many people who have had success in completely ridding their properties of these birds with the use of this product alone.

These discs look very pretty hanging from the house and look as if they were intended more for decoration than for a functional purpose. Just be careful not to hang too many of these as you could ultimately turn your home into a disco ball; blinding all who pass. A few of these discs go a very long way.

If you are having difficulty finding an area to hang these from, try attaching the mounting hooks to the holes in these J-Hooks and zip tie them down your gutters. I did this and it allowed for the entire affected area to be protected.

After a few months without any further attacks, I removed the discs and the woodpeckers never returned!

These bird repellent discs should serve as a staple in your campaign to get rid of woodpeckers! They are by far the best woodpecker deterrent out there today.

The guarantee that this company provides is proof that they stand behind their product. In the rare event that these discs don’t get the job done for you, just send them back.

These discs are an inexpensive, effective way to deal with your woodpecker problem. Hang a few of these guys up and say goodbye to your woodpecker woes!

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20 thoughts on “Bird Repellent Discs: The Best Woodpecker Deterrent!”

  1. Do you have any suggestions for repelling woodpeckers without repelling all other birds from my feeder? I love the birds but not the holes in my home 🙂

    • I totally understand your concern. The only real way to accomplish this would be through trial and error. Woodpeckers are similar to many other types of birds so the things that deter them could easily deter other birds as well. Perhaps start with an Electronic Woodpecker Repellent and see which birds keep coming around and which don’t. I hope this helps!

  2. I found that I used reflective tape and it moved but the birds would just go to another spot down the side of the house. Do I need to put the spinning reflectors down the entire side or should 1 per corner work?

    • I can empathize because I had the exact same experience as you. Unfortunately I had to resort to lining the corners of my house from the ground to the roof about every 6ft. That was enough to deter them from coming back. I hope this helps!

  3. I have a woodpecker that just started pecking at my house. I have sunflower seeds in feeders as I have lots of different types of birds and song birds that feed at my feeder including woodpeckers. If I use any deterrent method, will I scare all the other birds away too?

    • The BirdXPeller PRO claims to be for Woodpeckers and Sparrows but it is possible that there could be an adverse impact on other birds.

  4. I love how you mentioned that woodpecker repellent discs work great in repelling these birds because they hate moving, shiny objects. It might actually be a good idea to try that because I really want to stop those birds from the pecking on my walls and trees. Thank you for sharing this info. However, if this does not work, then my backup would be to call professionals and let them handle the problem.

    • Bird repellent discs are a phenomenal solution for getting rid of woodpeckers!

      Although “professionals” may be required in some circumstances, the typical homeowner is more than capable of employing the same tactics that they use for significantly less money.

      I hope this information will assist you in stopping your woodpecker problem!

  5. The bird repellent discs are brilliant in their simplicity! I wish I would have thought of them. Thanks for the easy solution to my bird problem.

    Like you, I’ve used small pie pans in the trees to scare birds out of my garden. I’m not sure how well that worked. It was something my family has always done.

    I even used inflatable snakes in my blueberry bushes, but the crows kept punching holes in them. I’d patch them with duct tape until the snakes just looked silly.

    • I’m glad these discs worked for you. They do a wonderful job at repelling all sorts of unwanted birds.

      I’d like to see your prior setup with the inflatable snakes. That sounds pretty funny but you know, desperate times call for desperate measures.

      Best of luck!

  6. I really hate it when people utilize things that might kill off the natural wildlife in our geographical locations. These sound as if they do no harm to the woodpecker in any way but to only deter them.

    That is why I am going to go with these items. They look like a very harm-free solution!

    Once the woodpeker leaves your place they might just go to your neighbors place so inform them of this product like a good neighbor would.

    • You bring up a great point! The best way to get rid of woodpeckers is to do so without inflicting any harm on these birds!

      I have informed all of my neighbors in my development and the lion’s share of them have implemented some sort of woodpecker deterrent.

      We have been pretty successful in ridding our development of these birds and they haven’t returned in quite some time!

      Bird repellent discs are my favorite way of deterring woodpeckers!

  7. Hi there!
    Thanks for the review on this great product! I think that the lifetime guarantee is really great and these products really do work! Woodpeckers are really annoying and can cause a lot of damage. I don’t mind my house looking like a disco as long as it keeps these little animals away!

    • Very true, these birds can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage!

      The lifetime guarantee is what makes this product so great in my opinion. When I bought it for the first time, it’s what sold me. I knew that if it didn’t work out for me I could easily send it right back. Fortunately it worked and I’ve been woodpecker free for a long time.

      If you ever came to my neighborhood, you’d see them on every stucco house since I recommended them to all my neighbors! These things work wonders for getting rid of these birds! Thanks for the comment!

      • Why stucco? What is it about stucco that they like?

        • Stucco, especially EIFS, provides a fantastic environment for nesting.

          It can be easily excavated by woodpeckers. Once they burrow down into the Styrofoam or other insulation, they have a warm nesting area free from predators and the elements.

          It is an especially tricky form of siding when it comes to these animals. However, don’t be discouraged. There are many different types of woodpecker deterrents that are able to keep these animals away from your stucco siding!

  8. Interesting, I did not know that woodpeckers hate moving, shiny objects. But aren’t they also noisy? You could get rid of Woodpeckers, but if the discs are noisy and the discs are placed near your dinning-room it will be also difficult for someone to hear them constantly. However, the discs are certainly worthy if afer removing them the woodpeckers never appeared again.

    • I’ve found that these discs don’t produce any noise at all. The only time they will produce noise is if they are placed next to something that the wind can bang them into.

      For example, I connected 4 of these once and hung them from my soffit. When the wind blew, the discs banged into the house creating noise. I removed one of the discs so that it wasn’t as long and the issue was gone!

      Just make sure you don’t place them near something it can continuously bang into and you will be fine. Hope this helps!

  9. I love having birds around my house but I’ve never had the problem of woodpeckers pecking my house. Is it only in a specific area? Do they peck only at night or do they peck all day long??
    I have heard of birds picking a fight with their reflection in a shiny chimney. But a woodpecker pecking my house just might get some lead under his wings from down below. You do have a beautiful site! Gooday, Torrey

    • Woodpeckers are primarily active during the daytime hours but have been known to cause damage at night too, especially when it is raining.

      I know it can be tempting to use lethal measures to deal with a woodpecker problem but I certainly don’t advocate it! The reasons for this can be seen in the article I wrote titled: Simple DIY Woodpecker Removal: No Need for a “Woodpecker Exterminator”.

      These bird repellent discs are your best tool in the fight against woodpecker damage!

      Hope this information was helpful!


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