Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint: A Solution to Woodpecker Stucco Damage!

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One of the best woodpecker deterrents out there, especially for stucco surfaces, is Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint. This is a very creative and effective solution for woodpecker stucco damage.

  • Colors – Portabello, Whitestone, White, and Sandstone
  • Pros – Long lasting and effective woodpecker repellent. Paint has a high quality finish.
  • Cons – This is an invasive solution which requires more work than most woodpecker deterrents.
  • Guarantee – I haven’t been able to find any literature on Stuc-O-Flex’s website to indicate that there is any sort of product guarantee or warranty. However, Amazon usually allows returns within 30 days.

This specially formulated woodpecker deterrent paint sends a warning signal to the woodpecker which causes them to abandon the area. They do not fancy the smell nor taste of the paint and are immediately disinterested in pecking the coated area.

The manufacturer states that this woodpecker repellent paint has a 70% success rate in deterring woodpeckers but I believe they are being very conservative.

People have had a tremendous amount of success with this product. This can be a pricey option but it’s sure to pay dividends in the long run. Beakguard is an extremely effective product to deter woodpeckers.

The only downside is that the paint is offered in just 4 colors: Portabello, Whetstone, White, and Sandstone. As long as you can make these colors work, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

According to Stuc-O-Flex International, the manufacturer of Beakguard, “Although specifically formulated for EIFS and existing acrylic finishes, BeakGuard® is easily applied to virtually any exterior surface including wood, fiber-cement, stucco, aluminum or vinyl.”

Overall, I’d recommend this product to anyone who hasn’t had luck with visual or audio deterrents. I would certainly try other types of woodpecker deterrents before resorting to repainting your house unless the birds are only attacking a confined area.

Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint is most certainly a quality product to stop woodpeckers. If you are suffering from woodpecker stucco damage, you will not regret using Beakguard!

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12 thoughts on “Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint: A Solution to Woodpecker Stucco Damage!”

  1. Wondering how much it would cost to use this paint on my home and do you need a painter who is certified in using this stuff. Do you really need to pain every year?

    • My personal opinion would be to contact the manufacturer to address all of your concerns. After they have given you explicit instruction on the best way to use their product, then begin to get quotes from local painters than can assist with application.

  2. My boyfriend is a painter by trade for 40yrs & seriously needs this for a stucco house?
    Thanks Millions. … I gave him your site

    • Glad to hear it! Let us know how Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint worked out for him!

  3. Can you take the white paint and have it tinted to your color and the paint still work? If that’s doable I would love to try it!!! Have eight Styrofoam corbels that the woodpecker loves!!

    • I believe there are a myriad of colors to choose from but I certainly wouldn’t add anything else to the product without contacting the manufacturer first. I hope this helps!

  4. In situations where you want to use your own latex paint color for a finish coat….I’m wondering if using this for a couple of primer coats first, on the area they are pecking, and then when it is fully dry painting over it with latex, so it is like a primer coat underneath, would still be effective?

    • I would certainly contact the manufacturer. I’m not sure painting over this product would yield positive results.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about the woodpeckers destroying your home!

    This product will not harm the birds in any way! It is a non-lethal deterrent to prevent them from doing any further damage.

    I highly recommend using this as a more permanent solution!

  6. Holy cow-we have had a couple of woodpeckers destroying our wood frame house for the past two months–not only are they ruining the wood but they sound–OMG it’s awful. I love animals, so refused to do anything that might harm the woodpeckers. This doesn’t look like it would hurt them, right? I have tried metallic streamers and wind chimes–nothing has worked. Thank you for this recommendation!!

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    • Thank you so much for the kind words!


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