Bird Repellent Tape: A Great Way to Stop Woodpeckers!

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Bird Repellent Tape is one of the best ways that I’ve found to stop woodpeckers.

  • Pros – Very reflective, weatherproof, customizable length.
  • Cons – Doesn’t look too pretty hanging from a house. Much better suited for back yards, gardens, or trees.
  • Guarantee – Per Amazon, the manufacturer offers a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee for 1 year.

Similar to the bird repellent discs, this bird repellent tape is another effective woodpecker product.

The reflective pattern on the face of the tape frightens the birds. The tape is cut to the desired length and hung from soffits, trees, bushes, sheds, or any other place where the woodpeckers are posing a threat.

Like the discs, these are also very effective at night in reflecting ambient light and/or moonlight.

The beauty of this product is its ability to protect large areas. It is far easier to cut a long length of tape than it is to link dozens of discs together.

Many people tell me that these are very effective in gardens and on trees where the look of the tape is not of much concern. Although very effective, I personally think that this tape is far less aesthetically pleasing than the Bird Repellent Discs.

I’d also like to note that a key benefit of this product is that it can be used horizontally. Unlike any other woodpecker repellent out there, this is the only one that can be ran for long, horizontal stretches. This comes in handy in gardens where it can be ran from one end to the other.

In my opinion, this product is the most effective means to protecting large areas from woodpeckers.

This bird repellent tape will stop woodpeckers in their tracks and have them heading the other way!

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6 thoughts on “Bird Repellent Tape: A Great Way to Stop Woodpeckers!”

  1. How long does the tape need to stay up for? Is it a matter of conditioning the woodpeckers to stay away with the tape? Or does the tape need to stay up forever?

    • The tape should remain up for a reasonable amount of time after woodpecker activity ceases. If you take it down too soon, the woodpeckers may no longer perceive the tape as a threat when you try to put it back up.

      If several months go by without any further woodpecker activity, it should be safe to take the tape down. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the area!

  2. I’m a retired senior on the second floor of a Condo building and there’s no way I can reach to fix anything on the walls who should I call to take care if this

    • You would want to look for a pest control company. Ideally one that specializes in birds. Best of luck!

  3. This first thing that struck me about your review on bird repellent tape is the warranty from the manufacturer! A one year warranty for this sounds awesome!

    I don’t have problems with woodpeckers since I don’t really have too many trees in my yard but I am wondering if this product would work on other birds too?

    I have a robin and crow population that really likes my yard but my dogs spend the day barking at them and it becomes quite distracting. And I am wondering if I could hang these strips from my privacy fence and have it be effective?

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • This tape will absolutely help you with your robin and crow problems. Bird tape is designed to scare away most birds as birds by nature are frightened by shiny objects.

      This tape does a really good job at reflecting light with the pattern that is on the face of it. Whenever it moves, it broadcasts a wide array of light in every direction.

      I’ve actually seen eagles in my backyard leave when they spotted the tape. It truly is a powerful tool for repelling all sorts of birds!


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