Product Reviews

Deter Woodpeckers: Use Woodpecker Spikes!

Woodpecker Spikes are a great way to deter woodpeckers from landing on the area they love to peck! Put a few of these down and they should be frustrated enough to move elsewhere.   Pros – Provides a physical barrier, won’t…
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Woodpecker Suet Cakes: Control Woodpeckers with Food!

Woodpecker Suet Cakes are a great way to control woodpeckers by feeding them! The way to a woodpecker’s heart is through it’s stomach right? Well these suet cakes are absolutely irresistible to woodpeckers! I’ve helped a lot of people get rid of…
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Repel Woodpeckers: Use Woodpecker Netting!

Woodpecker Netting is a surefire way to repel woodpeckers! This net will completely cut off the bird’s access to the area they’re trying to peck. Use this net only when other woodpecker deterrents have failed.   Pros – Provides a physical…
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