Think Fake Owls Scare Woodpeckers Away? Watch a Woodpecker Peck on One!

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Most people think that fake owls scare woodpeckers away. They are sadly mistaken (see video at bottom of this page).

  • Pros – May work for a brief amount of time.
  • Cons – Woodpeckers will eventually realize it’s not a real owl.
  • Guarantee – Per Amazon, you must contact the manufacturer for warranty information.

I will tell you right off the bat to not waste your time with fake owls!

Woodpeckers are incredibly intelligent and it won’t take long before they realize that the owl is nothing but a phony!

When trying to get rid of a woodpecker, the goal is to come up with long term solutions. Products like this will just wind up in inevitable frustration and money down the drain!

Instead, stick with a woodpecker deterrent that is sure to continually scare the birds away such as the other options mentioned on this site.

If however you insist on trying to use a fake owl, at least make it worth your while with this Decoy Owl. It uses the wind to move the owl’s head around. This should at least keep the woodpeckers on their toes for a while since the movement will not be predictable. It is a far better solution than a stationary owl that the birds will probably just wind up landing on.

See the video below for proof that woodpeckers have no respect for fake owls!

There is no way that fake owls scare woodpeckers away! Click here to find a woodpecker deterrent that will actually get the job done!


The Repair Woodpecker Damage page will also guide you through fixing woodpecker holes.

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6 thoughts on “Think Fake Owls Scare Woodpeckers Away? Watch a Woodpecker Peck on One!”

  1. I put a furry stuffed owl up in my tree where a woodpecker had been causing damage. I went back into my house, a little bit later the woodpecker approached, saw the owl and took off. Haven’t had a problem since.

    • I’m glad this worked out for you! Just be mindful that woodpeckers are very smart! Over time these birds may recognize that the Owl is indeed fake. Keep an eye on it!

  2. That video of the Baby Woodpecker attacking the fake Owl really clinched it for me on NOT getting one of those!

    You know what would be great is if I could see a video of the discs you recommend working, even a before and after shot.

    I also like how you’re in depth with your explanation of why the discs work. (They’re BOTH moving and shiny, which the woodpeckers hate).

    You also gave me a photo of the product so I can see what I’m buying, while giving me a chance to buy at the beginning and end of your page.

    Your ratings, price, pros and cons are easily read at the top, which, if I want to skip to just buying it, I can by just clicking a link.

    You might want to make the photo so clicking on it will go right through to the Amazon page.

    Hope this helps!


    • Thanks so much for the awesome comment! I’m really glad you enjoyed the video!

      I wanted to show people exactly how useless those fake owls really are! The bird repellent discs are the only real way to go!

  3. I don’t have problems with woodpeckers in my area, but I do have problems occasionally with birds stealing the dogs food.

    I have never seen an wooden owl get hit like that, I couldn’t quit laughing. I can see how frustrating that would be and how upsetting to see your investment being destroyed by the very creature you where trying to scare away.

    I will check into better products before buying a wooden owl after watching your video.



    • If you want to scare birds away, I’d highly recommend trying Bird Repellent Discs. These are the most effective items on the market today to deter not only woodpeckers, but all sorts of birds.

      Hope this helps!


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