Stop Woodpeckers from Pecking Your House: Give Them A Woodpecker Birdhouse!

Stop Woodpeckers from Pecking Your House: Give Them A Woodpecker Birdhouse!

A woodpecker birdhouse is a great way to stop woodpeckers from pecking your house and desirable trees! These birds absolutely love these birdhouses and chances are, if you set one up, that’s where they’ll be. This is a very effective means to getting rid of woodpeckers. You will know if you’re a prime candidate for this … Read more

Bird Repellent Discs: The Best Woodpecker Deterrent!

Bird Repellent Discs The Best Woodpecker Deterrent!

In my opinion, Bird Repellent Discs are the best woodpecker deterrent on the market today. Not only will they get rid of woodpeckers, but they do a great job at scaring other nuisance birds away! If there’s one thing that woodpeckers hate, it’s a moving, shiny object. Notice that both conditions must be satisfied to … Read more

Simple DIY Woodpecker Removal: No Need for a “Woodpecker Exterminator”

Today I will show you that woodpecker removal doesn’t need to be a difficult task! When people first encounter a woodpecker problem, they often begin searching for a so-called “woodpecker exterminator.” I hate to break it to you but no such thing exists. A general exterminator will have some basic working knowledge of how to … Read more

Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint: A Solution to Woodpecker Stucco Damage!

Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint A Solution to Woodpecker Stucco Damage!

One of the best woodpecker deterrents out there, especially for stucco surfaces, is Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent Paint. This is a very creative and effective solution for woodpecker stucco damage. This specially formulated woodpecker deterrent paint sends a warning signal to the woodpecker which causes them to abandon the area. They do not fancy the smell nor taste of the … Read more