The Best Electronic Woodpecker Repellent: Look no Further Than the BirdXPeller PRO!

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The use of an electronic woodpecker repellent is one of the easiest ways to get rid of woodpeckers. The best product utilizing this technology is the BirdXPeller Pro.

It comes in 2 different versions, the BirdXPeller PRO which covers an area of 1 acre and the Super BirdXPeller PRO which covers an area of 6 acres.

  • Distance – 1-6 acres depending on model
  • Pros – Safe and effective way to get rid of woodpeckers and other nuisance birds. Easily camouflages into any outdoor atmosphere.
  • Cons – Bird distress calls can be audible to humans depending on calls chosen.
  • Warranty – 30 day money back satisfaction warranty if the product doesn’t get rid of your woodpeckers. 6 month warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

This is one of the more expensive, but also more effective methods to addressing a woodpecker problem.

These products emit natural distress and predator sounds that scare woodpeckers away. These sounds warn the birds that they are entering a dangerous area and to head the other way.

One feature that I really like on these units is the fact that the volume can be adjusted to your liking. In addition, you can choose the hours that you’d like the unit to operate.

These units are absolutely fantastic but I would advise trying cheaper methods before resorting to it. The cost may be prohibitive to someone just starting out with their woodpecker problem.

If all else fails, these units should be able to get the job done for you. This is a very good way to engage the woodpeckers auditory senses while also using a visual deterrent.

Users love having the freedom of just turning it on when they want to get rid of woodpeckers or other undesirable birds.

My favorite aspect of these units is that they are more visually discrete than any other woodpecker product. Their green color allows them to be easily camouflaged into any outdoor environment. It is near impossible to notice these units are even there.

It’s also nice to get rid of woodpeckers without having to climb ladders and hang visual deterrents from eaves and trees.

Do not be fooled by similar products out there which claim to do the same thing. I’ve tried many of them and they simply do not work.

This is the only product on the market that I’ve found to effectively engage a woodpecker through sound. You would be much better off investing in additional visual deterrents than purchasing a sub-par sound deterrent.

The BirdXPeller PRO is hands down, the best electronic woodpecker deterrent out there today!

Click Here to Buy the BirdXPeller PRO or Here to Buy the Super BirdXPeller PRO 

Check out the Best Woodpecker Deterrents page for a list of effective ways to get rid of woodpeckers.

You can also head over to the Repair Woodpecker Damage page for help on fixing any damage these birds have done.

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22 thoughts on “The Best Electronic Woodpecker Repellent: Look no Further Than the BirdXPeller PRO!”

  1. I’m very interested in purchasing the Pro. Do you happen to know if the predator sounds emitted causes distress to dogs? Thank you!

    • I would certainly recommend contacting the manufacturer for this question but I do know that it is designed specifically for birds.

  2. We have had a Woodpecker problem going on our second summer at our log cabin. Last fall we spent close to $10K fixing the holes, restaining the house and putting a second stain layer on that is supposed to have a repellent in it. Let’s add to the fact that we have carpenter bees that have been a nightmare for years! HELP! What should we do.

    • I’m very sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation you’ve been dealing with. I know firsthand how costly these birds can be. My advice would be to begin by using Bird Repellent Discs and lining them from the ground to ceiling along the corners of the house about every 6ft. I had tremendous success in deterring them with these. However, if that doesn’t seem to be helping, check out some of the other products on the Choose the Best Woodpecker Deterrent page. All of these products work wonders in convincing woodpeckers to go elsewhere. I really hope they help you in your battle against these damaging birds!

  3. I live in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. We have a woodpecker that started showing up last year and he’s back again this year. He loves to peck on the back of our BBQ which is noisy to say the least especially when he starts early in the morning and periodically pecks until dusk. We don’t have a lot of money to try to repel him. Just wondering what you might suggest. Once our patio door is open when it gets a bit warmer then, the pecking gets kind of annoying because it is the BBQ he is pecking on. Just wondering what your thoughts are on how we can get rid of him. There is a wood railing that he sits on just behind the BBQ so he has the perfect spot to bang away It if wasn’t so annoying it would be neat to keep watching him!

    • In this particular scenario, I recommend the use of reflective materials to scare the woodpecker away.

      Products such as bird repellent discs and bird repellent tape are quite effective at frightening these birds and dissuading them from returning.

      Just hang them on or around the BBQ and enjoy the silence!

      Hope this has helped!

  4. This is the 6th year we have had the dang woodpeckers come back and asking holes in our stucco home. We spent a forturne on fixing holes and repainted that house last year. Yesterday the dang things came back again. Now in February. My neighbors had them and when they painted their homes they went away. We thought they kept coming to ours cause of the trees in the front yard. We removed the trees repainted the house and damn they are back again. Ahhhhhhhhh

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your unfortunate encounter with these birds especially after you just repainted your house. Next time you paint it, use a paint such as Beakguard which is specifically made to deter woodpeckers. Being that you just painted it however, I would give the BirdXPeller PRO a shot. It’s very visually discrete and often does the job of getting rid of woodpeckers. Best of luck and let us know how everything goes!

  5. Does it chase smaller birds away?
    How does it selectively deter woodpeckers?

    • These devices are primarily aimed at deterring Woodpeckers and Sparrows. They are able to target these specific birds by using predator calls that they find to be bothersome to them. Bird-X makes several devices aimed at deterring different types of birds. However, the ones linked to on this page are specifically designed for Woodpeckers. Hope this helps.

  6. Hey there it’s Alexey. I had a good read here. I am not familiar with this woodpecker repeller but it definitely looks like a one that worth the investment. The video was extremely helpful and helped me to understand more clearly the product. Thanks for all of the information. It is very helpful!

    • uYou are quite welcome! This device is certainly one to explore if you’re having issues with woodpeckers. It does wonders for keeping them away. Best of luck!

  7. Your content is great for those people suffering from woodpecker problems. I didn’t realize they could cause so many problems! I only ever imagined Woody the Woodpecker as a delightful cartoon character. Your pros and cons are honest and well-balanced in your review. However, I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between the two devices (except price). Aside from this, a great job!

    • The major difference between the 2 devices is the area they cover. The Pro covers 1 acre while the Super version covers up to 6 acres. These are truly phenomenal devices!

  8. Very cool product! Living in the Midwest we have plenty of woodpeckers. I enjoy birds in my yard, but at times the woodpeckers get annoying. I didn’t know their was an electronic solution. I hadn’t really put much thought into deterring woodpeckers, but since I started researching this seems like a good way. I like the ability to turn the device on or off. I live in the city and we have a small lot, less than a half acre. Do you think the 1 acre would be to much or just right?



    • Yes, these devices are very helpful especially because they don’t require you to climb up ladders to hang anything. It is a very convenient way to get rid of woodpeckers.

      I believe the 1 acre would be just fine. There are controls on it to adjust it to your liking if you find it to be too much. However, I think it should be fine. I know of several people that have success with these devices in much more dense areas than yours.

      Hope this helps!

  9. Hey,

    Thanks for the info, I’m very interested in this product. Our woodpecker problems aren’t on trees. We actually have a wooden power pole right outside our house and the woodpeckers drive us nuts on that thing.

    I’m not sure if I would be allowed to strap this unit onto the power pole so I would have to come up with another way to set it up.

    Do you think it would be effective if I just set it up on my porch near the power pole?


    • Absolutely. As long as the pole is within 1 acre of the device, the woodpecker will be deterred by it. That’s the beauty of an electronic woodpecker repellent. There’s no need to climb or hang anything up high. The BirdXPeller is quite effective from the ground. You can give it a slight upward pitch if desired but it’s really not necessary. I’m sure you will be quite happy with the results! If you need any further help, please let me know!

  10. Hey there, it’s Alexey!

    From someone who has bought this product before, I can say that you are 100% right. I had this item hanging from my eaves and it looked so silly! Local dogs would stop and bark and it. Plus it didn’t do too much to deal with the woodpeckers. They kept coming especially because the batteries would go so quickly! I wish I would’ve found your site sooner!

    • I’m sorry that you had the displeasure of buying this product before. This item certainly shouldn’t be purchased by anyone serious about dealing with their woodpecker problems! I don’t like it at all!

  11. I really liked your review “The Best Electronic Woodpecker Repellent: Look no Further Than the BirdXPeller PRO!”

    I did not know anything about electronic woodpecker repellents and i foud that one really neat

    It’s cool that they offer 2 models with prices that can acommodate higher and lower budgets.

    And, yet, while effective, you say they are abit expensive afteral. I didnt find the lower priced so expensive if it works.

    The way the work using sounds to scare the birds is a great idea!

    Nice article,


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Yes, I’m sure most people will be satisfied with the regular BirdXPeller PRO but I like to include the Super version for some of those people who live out in the sticks like me! The Super is really only necessary if you’re looking to protect crops or a lot of trees.

      If they’re damaging your home, the 1 acre version should be more than accurate (unless you live in a mansion of course).

      I agree that it is not that expensive relative to the repair costs that can be incurred if left untreated. Most people find this out the hard way!

      Put a good woodpecker deterrent up from the get-go and it’ll save you a lot of headaches in the longrun!

      Thanks for the comment!


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