Woodpecker Suet Cakes: Control Woodpeckers with Food!

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Woodpecker Suet Cakes are a great way to control woodpeckers by feeding them!

The way to a woodpecker’s heart is through it’s stomach right? Well these suet cakes are absolutely irresistible to woodpeckers!

I’ve helped a lot of people get rid of their woodpecker problems just by simply feeding them!

  • Pros – Suitable for all seasons, irresistible to woodpeckers, good value for 12 cakes.
  • Cons – Can’t think of any cons. These cakes do an amazing job at luring woodpeckers away from their desired area.
  • Guarantee – Can’t find any guarantee information on the Amazon site outside of the normal Amazon Prime 30 day return policy.

These particular suet cakes are regarded as some of the best in the industry.

Many people fail at this method of deterring woodpeckers because they pick up generic suet cakes or songbird suet cakes rather than woodpecker suet cakes. It is critical that you use suet cakes specifically made for woodpeckers as these birds are finicky eaters!

I posted this box because it appears to be a very good value for such a good product.

This is especially true if they were pecking your house for feeding purposes rather than nesting or mating purposes.

The cakes should be placed inside a woodpecker suet feeder as far as possible from the area they like to attack. You will quickly see that as long as you keep them fed, they will take up residence by the feeder.

I happen to like the following suet feeder as it has a tail prop for the birds to rest on. Every little bit helps to lure these birds away from your home:

  • Pros – High quality, durable, weatherproof woodpecker suet feeder.
  • Cons – No cons come to mind. These are great feeders!
  • Guarantee – Per Amazon, this has an unconditional 100 year guarantee!

Using a combination of these woodpecker suet cakes and this suet feeder will keep their bellies full while keeping the hair on your head!

I recommend spreading 2-3 suet feeders around your yard.

These cakes should last you a very long time!

Woodpecker Suet Cakes allow you to control woodpeckers in a safe, humane matter.

Click Here to Buy these Woodpecker Suet Cakes and Here to Buy this Woodpecker Suet Feeder

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10 thoughts on “Woodpecker Suet Cakes: Control Woodpeckers with Food!”

  1. Does this work on pileated woodpeckers

    • These suet cakes will absolutely attract Pileated Woodpeckers. This happens to be the exact type of woodpecker that I had attacking my home and these cakes worked like a charm.

  2. Hello there, at first glance of your site I thought to myself well I hope they are not telling us how to kill a woodpecker. But now that I have read this article, I’m really impressed with the Idea of feeding them instead of killing them.

    After all they are beautiful birds, just a little annoying. I’m going to use the tips you’ve provided me with to use suet cakes. Hope this does the trick!


    • The suet cakes should do wonders for your woodpecker problem Keep us posted!

  3. Very interesting post!

    I was searching the web for how to feed woodpeckers and this page tells it all. I’m going to buy some of these cakes on Amazon and see how we do. I have to get rid of these birds before they destroy the rest of my house! Here goes nothing!

    • Let us know how everything works out. If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  4. I was wondering if these would be harmful to the little critters, but I see that you make them go away by feeding them! Awesome. Did not know that. Ans it’s a win win for both of us, they get full, I get rest!

    Is there a particular feeder that I need for use with this product? I do not have anything setup as of yet, and I would like to get this project underway ASAP.

    • I prefer using one of the feeders with a tail prop. They have a much easier time feeding with these particular suet feeders. If you look up in this article, you will see that I linked to my woodpecker suet feeder of choice!

  5. Very interesting website. I have never been bothered by these guys but can see where they can be such a destructive pest and a costly one too. I may see a half dozen Redheaded Woodpeckers in my neighborhood on a yearly basis and they are usually pecking for bugs on trees, but according to your website, they like a lot of different things to peck on, which was news to me and that is why I thought your website was so informative. At first glance, I thought feeding them would just encourage them to stay, but what you say makes a lot of sense, just keep them away from my house. I also know trying to scare them only works for so long and when they see they are not in any danger, they just ignore your effort.
    If I had this problem, I would look into what you show as a solution, and since you have everything to order so handy makes your website very user friendly. Good job.

    • Thanks a lot for the comments! Yes, feeding woodpeckers is a very effective solution. The goal is to keep them away from our house so as long as we accomplish that, we have succeeded.

      Woodpecker suet cakes are a surefire way to keep these birds away from the areas they like to damage. Keep them fed and they will leave you alone!


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